International Nicholas Roerich Award for Ambassador A.M.Kadakin

Published on 07/10/2014, 15:35
Given bellow is the thanks-giving speech of Ambassador Alexander.M.Kadakin, at the award presentation ceremony, at the RCNC, New.Read More...

Russian Ambassador decorated

Published on 02/10/2014, 06:32
By the decree of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, the Russian Ambassador to India, Alexander Kadakin, was awarded the.Read More...

Russia's strategic partnership with India has become special and privileged: Kadakin

Published on 18/10/2014, 15:02
With Russian President Vladimir Putin scheduled to visit India in December for an annual summit-level meeting with the Indian leadership, including talks.Read More...

‘Russia impossible to isolate’:.

Published on 24/10/2014, 15:18
Chief of Russia’s presidential administration Sergey Ivanov has slammed the West for “attempts to destabilize the country,” and says its economy remains...Read More

Putin: Russian bear won’t ask for permission

Published on 24/10/2014, 15:03
Vladimir Putin has voiced his disagreement with the West’s position on Russia, which he likened to the Latin proverb "What is permissible for Jove is not.Read More
Russian Ambassador to India speaks on the Ukrainian crisis - Doordarshan TV
Published on 20/04/2014, 05:09
Russian Ambassador to India A.M.Kadakin speaks on the Ukrainian crisis in the Wide Angle program of Sayeed Naqvi on Doordarshan TV Read More...

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